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For those who refuse to live life according to the thinking agreed upon by the masses, this brand is dedicated to you!

Founded by Sammy LeBrasseur, a professional football freestyle athlete and National Vice Champion in the sport, Ballaware stands to represent the community dearest to Sammy's heart: Those who are unafraid to drown out the world's noise, create their own path, and search for the work which truly makes them happy.

Our Beginnings

I began working on Ballaware in May of 2020, but the roots of the brand and its message are much more deep-seeded than that. A former high school valedictorian and honors college student at the George Washington University, I had always taken my studies incredibly seriously. Yet, I couldn't help but feel that the path I was going down was not my own. So many of my closest friends were ecstatic to graduate a couple years down the line and go work for their dream company. For many, that is an amazing life whose vision brings warmth to their heart and a spark to their soul. But for me, sitting in classrooms and searching for internships, I couldn't help but feel a lack of passion for what I was doing. I knew the biggest disservice I could do to myself was to not chase what I truly loved doing. I couldn't help but think of Gary Vee's words.

"So many people work jobs they hate, to buy dumb s*** they can't afford, to impress people they don't even like."

"Happiness is the ROI."

Football freestyle was my escape. I spent every second that I wasn't studying or attending class, training in whatever space I could around campus, prepping for the upcoming 2018 USA National Championships in July. My friends usually laughed at me when I would leave parties to go and freestyle.

I could't help it, THAT was what made me feel most alive, and so that was the thing I knew I had to chase.

To say I was the underdog for the USA National Champs that year was an understatement. I had been freestyling for less than 3 years, and didn't make the TOP 16 the previous year when I performed an almost laughable qualification round.

Given this, I didn't have high expectations for myself. But as the night progressed, the experience became more and more surreal. Not only did I make the TOP 16, but I kept winning my battles, again and again, until I found myself in the final. While I lost out on the ultimate crown by just half a point in what the spectators said was an incredibly close battle, I couldn't help but be stunned that I had just proven myself to be one of the best freestyle athletes in the country. 

I was 20 years old, and it was clear to me what I had to do.

I took a leap of faith and moved out to Los Angeles, California, to pursue my dream of living from football freestyle. 

Through the darkness, a light

When I got to LA in December of 2018, I hit the ground running. I read a book every week, tried street performing, and was constantly searching for any new contacts I could make to fuel my dream. I soon found myself doing live performances for some of the biggest names in the soccer world, the likes of Arsenal, Bayern Munich, the USWNT, and more, and working with brands like Powerade, T-Mobile, and Monstercat. Yet, like all of us, I never could have predicted the challenges the beginning of 2020 would bring.

BALLAWARE X Andrew "Corn" Friedman | Pro Tricking Athlete

If I wanted to give in to the culture of complaint that plagues our society, now would have been the easiest time. But instead of complaining about everything that the world is taking away from me, I forced myself to focus on how can I give my best to others who are also in my shoes.

With all of the fear-driven messages the media was putting out, how could I spread messages of positivity, self-awareness, and empowerment, so that dreamers and hustlers like myself could unite together, pick ourselves up, and keep going?

Clothing seemed like the obvious choice. While there are motivators like Gary Vee pushing the message of self-awareness to our rising generation, I had yet to see any brand create clothing around this message. 

Sure, there were a lot of brands throwing the word "hustler"of "grind" onto a shirt, but they seemed to be missing the real point of what makes people truly happy. As Gary Vee says:

"It's NOT about how much money you make. It's about how you make your money."

There is so much noise in the world today that it becomes difficult for us to really listen to ourselves, and find the things that make us happy. While the media, institutions, and those around us try to feed us their "one-size-fits-all" manually for happiness, Ballaware stands to spread the message that happiness is only truly found within yourself and following what YOU feel is right. We are all unique in chasing our own dreams, and we shouldn't be afraid to stand out. 

We are the dreamers, creators, and doers, living lives that truly make us tick. And we'll always keep doing what we love.




BALLAWARE X Osman Roa | Latin American Football Freestyle Champion

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