Because the HEART is nothing without ART. We created this shirt as an emblem representing those who truly put their heart into their craft. It is these artists who ultimately breathe life into what would be a lackluster world, and paint a beautiful one, whether through movement, design, craftsmanship... The world needs art.

Behind the design:

Inscribed on the back of the shirt is a poem, written by Sammy himself, of the artist's frustrating recognition of the inner conflict between pursuing what makes them feel truly happy, and doing what the herd of outsiders tells them is "right." Through studying ourselves and our relationship with the world, we ultimately gain awareness of this conflict and are able to triumph over it. While describing specifically the internal awareness that artists in the niche practice of football freestyle feel (the "ball," in essence, is our paintbrush, instrument, voice, etc.), the script is one for all who strive to overcome this internal conflict! It reads:

"Welcome to our world.
We may have a ball, but we don't need a net.
We use our minds in a way the rest of the world hasn't discovered yet.
The clatter of the ball may be all you hear, when you compare us to what we are not, and have never sought to be.
So you don't hear my voice? Well, who is to say who is right and who is wrong... In a universe where everybody is...
Even me."

At first, we become frustrated upon the realization that we see a path and strive for goals which many others can not see. Others misinterpret our passionate striving for our goals out of the context in which we see it. We are seen as the ones who are lost. But what is greater to achieve in life than the happiness which comes from pursuing what you love to do? 

There is no right and wrong. Let go of the judgment of others and live to do that thing which truly fulfills you.